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Welcome to the Netscape! Netscape Cybermind is a brutal, fast-paced first person shooter harkening back to the days of late 90s FPS like Half-Life and Quake. In this game, you are a hacker with access to advanced VR technology and with the help of your friend, break into the Ehlers Systech network server!

With the help of your multi-gun and neural interface, no firewall will be able to contain you!



Joshua Wilson , Alex McGilvray, and Natalie Soltis


Joshua Wilson

Natalie Soltis


Ulas Canaydin - Soundcloud      Itch


Ulas Canaydin

Sathanielle Seiko


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Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreAction, Shooter
Tags7dfps, Action-Adventure, Cyberpunk, FPS, Parkour, Retro, Unity


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I think for the train level I would want to feel more like I am moving fast. I think this would add a sort of foreboding rush and kinetic energy that you would get in a really well done car chase scene in a movie.

You could add more details to the scrolling background to communicate the movement, like a parallax effect with some jungles of buildings surrounding the train.

I also think adding layers of movement to the background like a train moving parallel to the level but slightly slower, or a sort of bridge going over the level with a train on it. things that appear and fly by in the background for a couple seconds during the gameplay.

Maybe you could add slight turbulence to everything as well as some swaying animations to the cords connecting the floating platforms.

Just some small details though, not that they have to make it in. I'm just a sucker for good train levels

short and sweet, with GREAT gunplay and movement! I didn't realize the sniper was a sniper though, so I ended up not using it at all, just used the pistol to fill that role. It seemed like a tube-fed shotty to me until I got the actual shotgun. GREAT game, part 2 sometime please!

I NEED PART 2 PLS!!!!!!!!

This game is one of the best experiences ive ever had playing a game I NEED PART 2!!! 

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This game is amazing. It perfectly captures the aesthetics of those classic FPS games from the 90s. It feels very similar to Half-Life and all of the graphics really feel like this game was made in the 90s, both for the enivornment and enemies, as well as the weapons. The soundtrack is also some of the best music I have heard from a game like this. It's almost as good as the soundtrack in Hypnospace Outlaw. The enviorments were also unique on each level and not one of them looked the same. This is definitely one of the best free games on Itch.

I kinda wish the grappling hook bug to be fixed (if this is even a bug)

When you look away from the set point of the grapple, it just cancels :/

The game was cooler than i thought it was going to be

Part 2:

I haven't even played it yet and its already making me smile

This is just amazing! Amounts of details. I really like how explode the bullets from the enemy (the numbers).

this game was very fun, similar to hl 1, and kept me playing until finished.
One of the best free games from itch.io


love this game. huge fan of the aesthetics, jungle techno, etc. great work !!

i would love to be a consept artist for your team btw!

masterpeice, albeit a lil buggy

really well made game, i had lots of fun playing it, it would be really fun to be able to grapple onto moving enemies and i think the movement needs some work but overall it was about 8/10.

Currently re-writing it!

good, but scary in last one.

i get teleported to the start in the mall level when i go near the arrow thing your games glitching

I like this game, It has pretty unique vibe to it. Make the reticle more visible though, its kinda hard to see especially in the mall looking level👍

I really like this game! It's really fun to play and the animations are super cool. Especially the weapon animations, those were my favorite, I say so in the video many times. Great job!

one of the coolest games i have ever played. 10/10

I was bored of karlson so I tried finding a new game like it i found this and thought it looked cool i downloaded it and enjoyed it so much this game is just amazing the art style i love 90s Nintendo 64esq games but this was elite i really wish there was more to play or a sequel keep up the good work guys you did amazing

I tried out this game just because I was looking for a fun fast-paced first person shooter on itch.io.

Little did I know I would immediately fall in love with the game love it’s art style and fall head over heels for the soundtrack and overall just really like the game. everything from the style to the design of the weapons and environment. [my only two complaints are that the intro felt a little long-winded However I do feel like the intro is necessary especially on your first Playthru but an option to skip it would be nice and there isn’t more Level/gameplay.

however I believe the developer is planning on making more content or another game based on the credits. towards the end of the campaign I was thinking “you know this might work really well as a multiplayer game” so if that was added in a future update I would definitely love to try it out however I understand there’s a lot of programming that goes behind designing a multiplayer mode

this last little bit isn’t necessary I just wanted to gush about how great the music was. Yeah the soundtrack is wonderful and I personally feel that it fits the style of the game perfectly even if any of the content in the game isn’t exactly nostalgic for you you can still tell that it’s very specific style and it almost in a way serves as a window into a time pasted

Sorry if this comment reads more like a review it didn’t occur to me until now. However On a positive note comments are listed on the game’s page where as far as I’m aware reviews are not

If you read all this thank you and I hope you have a nice day

Had a great time with this! The inspired 90s and early 2000s feel really shines through. There's a lot of good stuff being put into the lore, hacker plot setup, music and look of the game. At the moment though, it's pretty obvious that this is still sort of a game jam build. I've been seeing a lot of the upcoming mechanics on Twitter and looking forward to them.

The multigun is a cool idea but it feels just a bit bland right now due to the same textures and color being repeated throughout the modes. Some of them also look and feel a bit too similar (the two shotty-style guns). They also seem to lack the punch in their sounds and don't have tracer rounds to help you understand your aim. For some reason, they just feel sorta clunky as a result? The lack of particles on hit against enemies (I don't seem to notice any at least) also makes feedback a bit awkward in fights.

The current second level stands out from the rest right now because it feels a bit basic. The first level was a vertical travel and so is the second one except you don't have as many places to explore so you get to skip the whole level without any surprises or challenge.

This might also be due to the current enemy designs. The major enemies (virus and turrets) are both projectile-based but easy to dodge and outrun so junction points take a lot of difficulty out of combat. Is this why the final battles are tight spaces with wave-based spawns currently without any junction points? They also seem to aim at you regardless of walls instead of walking around them in the current build so you can easily camp them without putting yourself in danger. A sniper enemy who tracks and hitscans you would immediately spice things up.

Btw, I notice junction points/grappling can be a bit awkward sometimes? I would grapple on a point but it wouldn't detect my input quick enough so I'd end up falling out of range and dying.

Would love to see more Goldsource stuff in this too! Melee combat, bunny-hopping, crouch jumps/dashes, enemies based off those nostalgic games, etc. Keep it up!

Hey, thanks for playing and for leaving such detailed feedback!

Addressing readability on the guns and fixing up their sounds is one of our bigger priorities at the moment! A lot of people don't realize that weapon you find in The Mall is supposed to be a sniper, but this, like many things happened due to time constraints and we are working on hopefully fixing it in the next update! Tracers is another big one I've been wanting to add, even though the weapons are technically 'hit scan', that would be a really good way of giving some feedback on the aiming. Particles hitting enemies is something I want to add as well, hopefully striking a good balance in the process.

The Mall struggled from a lot of over ambition in not a lot of time. It's getting a complete re-work as we speak to make it more in tune with the rest of the game. 

I like the idea of a sniper enemy quite a bit! Difficulty and balance are two things we want to address, I'm hoping to give the AI a whole polish pass and maybe implement some kind of path prediction to enemy projectiles.

There's a lot I plan to do to clean up junction points. The major issue you're referring to is an easy fix because for whatever reason I had the grapple still check if it's valid while the grapple animation is playing. I'm going to spend some time converting this so that if the animation is playing, the grapple will attach even if you fall out of range.

More gold source movement is on the way! We're currently completely re-writing the character controller. 


id love to play it if it was actually polished. i get the vibe/theme of it, the goldsource/source thing and i love it, but i just cant be bothered to play it because of the bugs and wierd features

Could you give a few examples of what you mean by bugs and weird features? I'm currently working on improving every aspect of the current demo and would like to know what areas I need to focus on.

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When I say my jaw DROPPED at that intro sequence I'm not exaggerating! Absolutely stellar world building and design. Loved it! Can't wait to see what you make next :)

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i just found another issue. when i want to go in the pause menu on the "counter strike map" at the beginning, i just see my cursor and still can controll the game. 


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This game is truly amazing, it screams the culture both of the time and the nerd culture of today. The counter strike opening was both impressive and funny and gags like having a gun that shoots laser-disks seals the theme of the game. Its also very well paced, every time I was beginning to get tired of an area you would move onto the next. My favourite sections had to be the mall and the office, the mall was extremely unique and I loved the music for it. The office space had amazing ambiance and I loved the change to almost a doom-style game with the shotgun. (Plus the voice acting had me laughing). The weapon design was really good, and the reload for the shotgun was extremely satisfying.

The only downsides to the game were some bugs and tiny design flaws, so I'll list them out briefly here: movement continues after you let go of WASD (for like 0.1 seconds), when not ADS-ing on the sniper the camera doesn't use the FOV from the settings, enemies continue to spawn in areas after you've killed the first batch, some enemies don't move or attack at all. 

Additionally you should add an epilepsy warning due to the level transitions.

I have taken a break from game development and was questioning whether I should continue, but this game has genuinely inspired me to get back to it, its also confirmed that I should try out Unity over Godot. All in all this game represents everything I love about this community, its was both comedic and fun.   

Edit: Do you have a discord server for your games?

Hello!  I'm glad you enjoyed the game! We're currently working to fix some of the more egregious design issues so I appreciate you bringing these to my attention! I added an epilepsy warning to the page, and am also working on an option to disable the glitch effect and add a warning to the game. Also, yes, we do have a discord which you can visit here: https://discord.gg/yVPMFyt

Very verly good game, the style made me scream with joy like gorrila with banana.  A lot of game developers have moved on from pixel art to low poly stuff, but this shit really managed to stand out from other games like it.  That opening was awesome, and the soundtrack kicked ass too.  Gameplay was also pretty good with the grapple beam and all that, but was I supposed to have all weapons from the start?

You were not, I pushed an update just earlier today that should have hopefully fixed that issue!


This game is great, and i can totally see it turned into a whole game! However, i found a few issues I think you should adress. 1: The blue and gray wires that appear occasionally look like platforms, and confused me several times. 2: You never tell the user how to sprint. 3: Sometimes it was hard to find where I was going, so I feel like a knockoff Clippy or something that points you in the right direction after dying at a checkpoint to the void would be nice. But anyway, nice game

Thank you! I assume by wires you mean the large cables coming out of several structures? I'm looking into giving those collision now, actually!

2. Sprint wasn't an intended feature, left in by accident so I'll either remove it and increase the players base walk speed, or keep it and tutorialize it. 

3. Keep an eye out for a nice clippy knock-off ;) I'm working on something 



This game is one of the best i've ever seen on Itch.Io. Don't understand me wrong! This game is very cool but it's just a litle hard.

Are there any areas you felt like were too hard, I'm looking to make improvements on the game as time goes on.

The first part with that Grapling hand in the tutorial. I am left handed. Maybe you can make a key selection so that you can choose the controls.

Just letting you know, until I have proper key binds in the game you can edit the controls on the Unity settings dialog that opens up before the game! Working on an in-game solution but this should work for your purposes for now!