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You are Helen, a former real-estate agent who's found herself, once again, trapped within seemingly endless corridors. You'll walk down the hallway with no seeming end and do your best to survive whatever it may throw at you.


Programming And Art
Joshua Wilsonz(@ StaticLoFI)

(From Freesound.org)
CDRK, InspectorJ, Joel Audio, Ross Bugden, Xtragamer, Rusty Quil

This game is based off The Magnus Archives, a weekly horror podcast that has been going on for a few years now.  It's really good, and it was very inspiring for this particular project. Check them out at their website: http://rustyquill.com/


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Hi this game is great however i do have a complaint  why cant i kiss Michael??  /j

(All jokes aside this was really well made and both me and my horror loving niece  had a fun time playing it )

Nice game

Hey, I included your game in my latest Itch.io Horror Games video! The part with your game starts around 4:43! Hope ya enjoy, mate!

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my one complaint is that michael isnt nearly hot enough


I tried best I could, fancy vest and everything. I was going to include the hair, but I'm not much of an artist and all my attempts ended up looking pretty bad. 

Maybe in the future I can update the model.

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I really liked this! Great experience all throughout.

This is a cool little game thanks dev had fun here:

Made a video


Firstly, JONATHAN SIMS wrote The Magnus Archives, Alex was the director! All in all a pretty good rendition of the hallways from TMA. I thought the buildup was very well done and it genuinely stressed me out. I'd love to see more media derived from Magnus like this, however I'm not sure if one is allowed to make money using their content without permission? Still, it's a solid short horror experience in my opinion, especially if you know the source material. If you were going for true-to-canon, there are a couple little details that are off but it doesn't really matter, considering the actual Spiral.

You are completely correct about the writer, I'll make a fix and re-upload a new build in the morning. 

A very good atmospheric short horror game! The visuals are intriguing and I loved the use of colors. The repetitive notes were a very nice touch. The eternally trapped vibe is very well conveyed by the game's lack of true progress indicators, so you never really know if you're actually doing the right thing or just going in circles. All in all, solid Helen simulator.

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the game does a really good job of making you feel trapped there was one point where I took a turn looked back and the previous hall was gone that boggled my brain pretty good, but the game seems to go from a horror game to an art project the story of the game and the conclusion is lost on me. It did look phenomenal though when it crossed into the artsy world my full play through here: