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really enjoyed it

hi, big thx for the game. greetings from rosti 😀

I never really liked harry potter. But i liked this game.


This is really fucking good. I would absolutely love it if you would further develop this into a full game. I'm a huge fan of the spell mechanics and the gameplay style. This is insanely good. I would also really love to see some sort of combat added to it if possible. 10/10 experience would love to see more.

Nice game :P


Yoooo loved this haha Filch creepin' up on ya was really spooky as hell hahaha thanks! 

Really enjoyed this game!!

really made my day more happy 

Great work thank you for uploading. What are the minimum specs for running this game?

I'm just going to base this off my current set up:

GTX 960 With at least 4 gigs of VRAM

12 Gigs of RAM

An I3 Quad-Core processor.

I imagine given how I optimized the game you could probably play this on something with even worse specs, but thats just what my machine is. 

This was certainly a fun experience haha!

Despite the game being somewhat rugged and simple, it was very effective in terms of gameplay!

I really like the fact that the spells are included and that the settings fits so well into the Harry Potter universe!

Good work!


Ahaha, beautiful - I want to try this out now x)

Juego de terror basado en Harry Potter, genera bastante desesperación lo lento que es cambiar de poder y usarlo. El modelo de Filch no da mucho miedo pero reconozco que una vez me agarro por sorpresa y me asuste bastante jaja

Hogwarts is a great setting for this kind of game and this is really well done considering it's a school assignment. It's obviously not perfect but I really enjoyed this!!

I really enjoyed this one, I just wish it was longer!!

Great game. Horror and Puzzle mix very well. 

Gave it a Let's Play, the guy seems to be a bit too hyper-aware of your placement and also speed-hacks towards you after a set amount of time? He feels cheap, beat it anyways.

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i had some fun with this game, i kept on trying and trying my goal is to but a timer in the corner and see how long i can last before he finds me haha, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

Well I confess than I never watch some and neither read some about Harry Potter. I never felt lured to. But playing with magic stick and same time sneak through the dark corridors was pretty fun! Thanks, this game deserve some notes and puzzles as well. The Filch game is neat.

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Really cute game, definitely made me want a good fps Harry Potter game! It seemed really hard to escape when he saw you though, so going through it felt trial and error rather than being able to keep a balance and keep up the suspense. Cool!! An elite idea would be to have Mrs Norris be like an environmental hazard alerting Filch


Great game dev it's a hard one  , the atmosphere and the gameplay is great 


Hey thanks for playing! I made the game a little more challenging than my mother games.