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Still one of the best games on here. Goomer's dialogue really sells the game as well I remember playing it for the first time and not taking him as a threat. His dialogue is so sad just him facing the reality of the situation but at the same time actively trying to kill you. 

never knew that a youtube series would inspire a fangame.

Dr.coomer is pissed. He didnt got his soda. Now he is gonna fuck up dr.freeman Trust dr.coomer

Awesome! ❤️


This game was... interesting?

this game Good and Awesome xD

this is freaking hilarious lmfao

Hello agent-11

Goodbye agent-11


the shitter

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agent 11 i have a question why do you deleted all of your games?

dr comer: hello gordon

also coomer: theres nothing there

also also coomer: GOODBYE GORDON

Y O U  S H O U L D ' V E  B R O U G H T  Y O U R  P A S S P O R T  G O R D O N

can i see your passport


Slender man meets Half life. Lol  dr. Coomer gives me creeps.

holy this is a good horror game

I like this game!

Awesome stuff man! Made this walkthrough video awhile back, just thought I'd post it here again. By the way, do you have any intentions of making a sequel? I would love you if you made one.

hahahaha Nice work, dude. hehehehe This Half-Life parody is cool:


So many people in the comments who don't know this game is based off of hlvrai and not just Half Life lol. Great game!! If you haven't watched the series yet and you like the game, you definitely should!

Haha, yeah that's why I tried to put a label on the page but a lot of people seemed to miss it. 


this video has all itch io games i made video on in 2020 including this one. I also wanna say thanks for the game and good luck for future projects. #hellofajourney 

my discord:

Good gameplay and experience! Remember the old days! 

Hello! I really enjoyed this game and wanted to know how you got the assets. I am a HUGE fan of old Half-Life assets, and was unsure where to find them.

There are tools out there that will directly convert the maps and models of Half-Life and any source game from their smd or bmp format into usable models for blender. Everything pretty much transfers 1 to 1 with a little fixing!

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Thank you very much! Do you know if there are any tutorials for that? And if not, could you link me to a tool? I am not that good yet. (At this sort of thing!)

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really loved the game. reminded me of slender man but it was funny.Not gonna lie the shadow coomer jumpscares really got me. and i love how you kept the graphics just as similar as Half life one. overall great game.

Thank You.

Heres my reaction please watch:

its so cheesy but so good

Show post...

Hello gordon

wonderfully done so simple but yet so spooky 


this is super scary, i liked it, pretty fun.


my first encounter with this game. A short twenty minute compilation, complete with commentary that's a bit cringey. Way too much fun playing this


dude, epic game. So much fun to play and reord in general. revisiting this was the right idea.



teolines moewona :D


i love this game

i very like this game 


This game is really good! I can see so much happening. kinda like dark deception! the atmosphere is amazing too! i didnt find any bugs so that is good! i was able to juke him in the kitchen! i was suprised!  

here is my gameplay if anyone gots a second :)

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